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Based in Los Angeles CA, Dempsey is prolific in all genres of film and television with comedy and psychological thriller at the forefront.


He co-wrote the original script for the horror feature "Spaghetti" now playing on Amazon,  Tubi and Apple TV. "Spaghetti" was also accepted into and won an award at the 2024 Cannes and Venice Film Contests!

Dempseys  secured an option deal for his comedy series, "Inherent Problems", in  April of 2021 just 6 months after moving to LA! The success of that venture lead to development of two other projects with that development company.

Dempseys psychological thriller feature film "Belle" is pending sale and his docu series "Love in Black and White" now in partnership with Nocturnal Epiphany Productions is  in preproduction.


Dempsey served as one of the celebrity judges in Film Freeway " Texas Ladies in Filmmaking Awards Contest'  in both 2022 and 2023

Dempsey writes entertainment and political columns and has been published in "Heart of Hollywood Magazine", "Our Weekly LA", "RadioFacts.Com", "The Los Angeles Journal" and "The LA Times".


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